Fitting & Turning

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Why Four Star Engineering?

Four Star Engineering has been fitting & Turning since 1986.

We can repair, service, and recreate almost any tool, talk to us today about the part you need to keep your production going

Experienced Fitters & Turners

Four Star Engineering has more than 35 years of Fitting and Turning Experience.


Our EDM machines can hold up to 8tonne blocks and are up to 2m wide

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Fitting and Turning?
    Fitting and turning is the term used to describe the process of assembling, maintenance and repair of tools and equipment. Four Star Engineering uses Fitting and Turning as part of its process of manufacturing and servicing of injection moulding tools, in close conjunction with the other processes of CNC, CAD and EDM.




Drawings or CAD model of requirements supplied by customer.

Project Planning

Requirements are then transferred to shop floor via a series of 2D drawings.


Processing via the lathe and other milling techniques takes place.
Four Star Engineering - Proudly Australia

Four Star Engineering proudly manufactures plastic tooling right here in Melbourne Australia, our home since 1986.

Injection Moulding Repairs Victoria

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