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Four Star Engineering was formed in 1986 by the company's four directors, all of whom are experienced toolmakers. In a short period of time the company became one of the leading manufacturers of moulds to the plastic injection moulding industry. Expansion through the 1990's was led by servicing of the Automotive industrial needs and in the early 2000's Four Star Engineering went global by investing in a manufacturing plant in China. Since then, the company has continued to expand its repertoire by producing various tooling for the medical, mining, defense, household domestic and game technology industries. Four Star Engineering is also equipped to offer Injection Moulding Repairs right here in Dandenong, Victoria.

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Four Star Engineering FAQ

A plastic injection moulding tool is a tool into which a variety of plastic materials can be injected, to create a many types of parts, such as automotive components, toys, combs, packaging, storage containers, medical devices, and most plastic products. Four Star Engineering has a highly experienced team of designers and toolmakers to help bring your product designs to realisation.

Plastic injection moulding tools are integral to modern manufacturing, as they allow for the mass production of plastic components. These tools are used in different industries, including automotive and aerospace.

Plastic injection moulding tools come in different designs. The design of the tool determines how it operates and what type of plastic can be produced with it. These designs include:

Casting bowl—This design essentially forms a container that holds liquid polymer, which is injected into the mould. A gate is then opened for the excess plastic to be expelled from the mold.*

Compression—This tool compresses its material to produce parts that are characterized by a low-depth-of-cavity ratio, meaning that they have a short distance between their top and bottom surfaces. This tool does not compress its material evenly; rather, its compression depends on predetermined positions.

The process of servicing a Plastic Injection Mould can be as simple as cleaning and lubricating the mould, to testing the cooling and hydraulic systems and fixing any leaks, or a full strip down and rebuild, replacing worn and broken components and fixing any flashing issues around the part shut faces.

Four Star's team can manufacture almost any part in out tool shop with our experienced fitters and turners, please call our team to discuss Injection Moulding Repairs Victoria

It's important to tell Four Star Engineering if you are aware of any issues when running your mould in your injection moulding machines: if anything is broken; if there's any part flash; any coolant or hydraulic leaks; or any other trouble you may be experiencing with your mould that requires attention.

Four Star Engineering can modify any number of details on your injection moulding tool: how the part is gated; the shape of the part; the coolant system; and the ejection of the part. All this is of course dependant on the existing tool design and the limitations posed therein.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is the process of using pre-programmed software to control the movement of cutting tools in order to transfer a three dimensional CAD design into physical reality within the mould material. Four Star Engineering possesses the highly advanced equipment required to create, modify, analyse and optimise your designs for the creation of an injection moulding tool.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a fabrication process Four Star Engineering uses to achieve a desired shape by use of electrical discharges, where conventional milling is not possible. For example, thin strengthening ribs on the underside of parts. Four Star Engineering has a number of EDM machines to assist you in bringing all the details of your product to reality.

Four Star Engineering - Proudly Australia

Four Star Engineering proudly manufactures plastic tooling right here in Melbourne Australia, our home since 1986.

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